Welcome to the 5e iteration of Semeria, a homebrew land. A continent ruled by ruthless city-states vying for control over each other, started by idealists and wealthy politicians. Throughout centuries, this land mass was once unsettled, harsh, unforgiving. It has now given rise of large populations along the coasts, and settlements dotted in between as the countries in neighboring islands and continents try and stake their claim on land and resources. In the passages of time, this place has seen battles of dragons who once lived this land alone fight for control over the new populations and dominance over each other. The Magi war, which scarred the land, and left an entire island scorched uninhabitable..

This certain story takes place in 488AR (Age of Recovery), after the conclusion of the Magi Wars. Entire cities have been rebuilt where craters smoked, lands still burn from detritus buried underneath the ground. Mountains scarred by the abuse of magic. The world has begun to recover.

However, there have been hushed voices, speaking of a Great One, seeking to crush the unspoken truce behind the recovering nations, to crush them before they amass their strength once more, and bring them under a single, new nation.

Currently: Under Construction.

Coming Soon!
- World Map
- General Lore
- New Species: Phaelixiate
- Magic system rework
- Alignment rework.

The Atrophy of Semeria